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Important Announcements

Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps)

Solicitations posted on Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) web site at https://www.fbo.gov/ by Japan Engineer District for construction and most service requirements are normally intended for local sources only.  Local sources are those sources (e.g., Corporations or Partnerships) that are physically located in Japan and authorized (i.e., licensed and registered) to conduct business in Japan.  Please review the individual synopses for details.

Prospective contractors (hereinafter called vendors) may search, monitor, and retrieve announcement information pertaining to JED solicitations through the single point-of-entry at FedBizOpps.  Vendors are required to log in to FedBizOpps to perform their desired tasks to seek and retrieve opportunities.

All prospective contractors and their subcontractors and suppliers must register as vendors in FedBizOpps before they can download solicitation information from the site.  Vendors should read the information under News and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at FedBizOpps to understand the new processes.

All new Vendors seeking business opportunities from the Government must first register in the System for Award Management(SAM) before they can register with FedBizOpps.  Please go to the SAM website for specific registration instructions.

There is no fee for SAM or FedBizOpps registration.  All Vendors can register and seek business opportunities free of charge.

Contractor Manpower Reporting (CMR)

The Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (CMRA) is designed to collect information on funding source, contracting vehicle, organization supported, mission and function performed, and labor hours and costs for contracted efforts providing services to the Department of the Army from contractors and Army activities requiring contracted services from supporting contracting offices. The data reported utilizes an application called CMRA to capture the required information. Contractor Manpower Reporting enables the Army to:

1.    fully understand the composition of the Army workforce (military, civilian, contractor), and allows for more informed decisions on workforce staffing and funding decisions;

2.    provide better oversight of the total Army workforce to avoid duplication of effort or shifting of in-house reductions to contract; and

3.    better account for and explain the total workforce.

Reporting period will be the period of performance not to exceed 12 months ending September 30 of each Government fiscal year and must be reported by 31 October of each calendar year. The Contractor shall verify information input by the Government and completely fill in all other required fields in the reporting system using the following web address: https://cmra.army.mil/.

Additional Information:

§ Contract Manpower Reporting Clause

§ Completing Contractor Manpower Reporting

Defense Base Act Insurance (DBA)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has entered into a contract with The Continental Insurance Company dba CNA Insurance to provide Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance coverage at a contracted rate for all USACE contractor employees working overseas, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has a blanket waiver for Japan waiving DBA Insurance coverage. However, you are reminded that this waiver does not apply to any employee who is hired in the U.S., is a resident of the U.S., or is a citizen of the U.S. Hence, DBA Insurance coverage for these employees must be purchased by the contractor and their subcontractors (at any tier) through the USACE DBA Insurance Program.

Participation by all USACE contractors and subcontractors, where DBA Insurance is applicable, is mandatory and coverage must be purchased through CNA Insurance prior to covered employees commencement of work under the contract. DBA Insurance coverage written through any other Insurance Carrier will not be accepted.

Additional Information:

§ Notice to Bidders-Offerors (DBA)

Local Mailing Preferences

The use of the Japanese Postal System for local correspondence is preferred. Information pertaining to available Japanese Postal Services follows:

§ Sokutatsu Yubin (Express Mail): JapaneseEnglish

§ Kakitome Yubin (Registered Mail) : JapaneseEnglish

§ Yokuasa Juji Yubin (Overnight Mail - "Morning10") : Japanese / English

Other local Courier services (Takkyubin) may also be used for delivery. However, due to base access rules, delivery may be delayed.