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Emergency Response

USACE remains committed to its regional responsibilities and we are positioned to rapidly respond with technical engineering support if requested by our supported military commanders or the Government of Japan.  Further, the district is prepared to support immediate emergency response priorities of the U.S. Forces, Japan Commander; and if call upon capable of augmenting any Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response operation with USACE unique capabilities and vast reach-back that are not readily available in Japan.

As a tenant organization centrally located within Camp Zama, our Security Plans and Operations Office (SPO) maintains a close working relationship with the HQ U.S. Army Japan/I Corps Forward, the Garrison Emergency Operations Center, and the Commander’s Crisis Management Team.  Participating in planning events and a Full Scale Exercise conducted annually demonstrating our commitment to the Camp Zama community as well as organizations outside of the district in order to best bring engineer personnel and talents to bear in crises.

Our Emergency Operations Center acts as the clearing house for all incoming OPORD, EXORD, and TASKORD to the District.  Tracks all typhoons and inclement weather that may impact our daily operations, providing a warning and reporting mechanism to seven outlying offices from Okinawa to Misawa.  Capable of secure and non-secure communications (secure voice/data, SVTC, SIPR internet/email) with supported commands and outside units.