Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Equal Opportunity Information

Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention

The Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) program mission is to provide response capability, victim advocacy, case management, and sexual assault awareness, prevention and response training to our Soldier, families and civilian workforce.  

SWD 24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline  214-354-7255 (CONUS)


Types of Reporting

· SARC does not notify the chain of command.
· Victim advocate attends to victim's needs and provides supportive services.
· Victim receives medical care and counseling.
· Victim can initiate an unrestricted reporting decision at a later date. (Restricted reporting applies to active duty military only.)

· The chain of command is notified and begins a criminal investigation.
· Victim advocate attends to victim's needs and provides supportive services.
· Victim receives medical care and counseling.

· If you notify law enforcement or your chain of command, the report is considered unrestricted.
· If you tell someone who subsequently notifies the chain of command, or if someone observes the assault and notifies command, the report is considered unrestricted and an investigation is launched.
· To preserve your right to restricted report, contact the SARC first.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The mission of the EEO Office is to manage and direct the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Employment Program (AEP), Special Emphasis Program (SEP), and Reasonable Accommodations (RA) for the Commander, Pacific Ocean Division, Japan District.

The EEO Office serves as principal advisers to the Commander to assist in the accomplishment of the district mission. The office manages the EEO complaints processing system to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements; monitors and assesses the climate to ensure that human resource management of civilians complies with EEO/AEP and requirements monitors and assesses the climate of the district activities to ensure that the EEO/AEP principles and requirements; utilizes SEP to ensure that equal opportunity hiring, training, advancement and treatment of women and minority employees; process and monitors RA request to support our employees with disabilities; process and assists in the accomplishment of the overall Japan District missions.

EEO Complaints

The Equal Employment Opportunity counseling program is designed to provide the initial step when considering a complaint of discrimination.  An individual who believes they have been discriminated against because of racecolorreligionsexage, physical or mental handicapgenetic information (GINA)national origin or reprisal, as pertaining to EEO, must consult the EEO Office when trying to resolve the matter. The EEO Office must be contacted within 45 calendar days from the date of discovering the alleged discriminatory incident.  EEO complaints will be counseled using either traditional counseling or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for both informal and formal EEO complaints when appropriate.


Reasonable Accommodations (RA)

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments or modifications to job application procedures, a job, employment practices, or a work environment that enable a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. They are intended to enable qualified disabled individuals to perform the essential functions of a position, and designed to remove physical and procedural workplace or employment barriers.


Special Emphasis Program (SEP) Events

January - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

February - African American History Month 

March - National Women’s History Month

April  - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 8-15 - Holocaust Remembrance Day  

May - Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

June - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month

June 19 - Juneteenth

August 26  – Women’s Equality Day

September 15 -- October 15- National Hispanic Heritage Month

October- National Disability Employment Awareness Month

November- National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month


USACE-J EEO Office Contact:

JED EEO Office email box:


EEO Manager

(315) 263-3658

+81 80 7789-1740


EEO Specialist

(315) 263-8852

+81 70 7411-1874

Operating hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Office is located at Camp Zama headquarters, JED Building #250, CP Zama, Room 145A and Room 216