Welcome to Japan!

Japan Engineer District (JED) is one of 43 Districts within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the oldest and largest engineering organization in the United States.

JED serves as the executive agent for military design and construction in Japan, providing comprehensive, professional quality engineering and construction services for all U.S. Forces in support of peacetime and contingency operations.

We provide comprehensive planning, design, and construction services to all branches of the U.S. military.  We are responsible for managing host nation funded construction that provides significant return on investment for the United States.  We provide quality construction through on-site inspection and Contracting Officer Representative authority, engineering expertise, and coordinated project management.  We are committed to ISO 9001 standards to continually improve our technical competence and capable workforce to deliver quality projects safely, on time and within budget.

To accomplish the mission, JED works closely with officials from the Government of Japan, various regional Defense Bureaus, as well as partners and customers at military installations throughout Japan. The Corps’ reimbursable program offers engineering, design, construction, training, and environmental expertise to our customers, enabling them to maximize their resources.

Our workload includes U.S. and Host Nation funded design and construction at approximately 90 sites throughout Japan and Okinawa. Some of our projects include airfield and runway projects, hospital and medical facilities renovations, operational facilities, family housing, and recreational facilities.

Japan District differs from most stateside Districts in two respects. First, it does not have a “civil works” mission, i.e., congressionally funded projects and programs such as flood control, dredging, hydroelectric power, and wetlands regulation. Second, it has a Host Nation Construction program, which provides the majority of work for the District.  The Host Nation projects are designed and constructed in collaboration with the Japanese government. The District provides coordination, facilitation, and oversight to ensure that the facilities meet U.S. life, safety and operational criteria.

In addition to the Host Nation and U.S. Military Construction programs, the District is a leader in providing installation support and environmental expertise to Department of Defense (DoD) customers throughout Japan.

Joining JED is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to support the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their Families living and working in Japan. 

Exciting Places!

As the engineering and construction agency in Japan for all forces, JED Area and Resident Offices are located throughout Japan on various military installations.


Engaging Work!

We are a multi-disciplined workforce of more than 450 skilled civilians, dedicated soldiers and highly qualified Japanese National employees who provide a wide range of engineering and construction support to U.S. Forces and governmental activities throughout Japan.

Our workforce consists of Army Engineer Officers, Department of Army Civilians and Master Labor Contract (MLC) Japanese Nationals.  We are multi-talented, experienced professionals striving to provide responsive solutions by understanding, communicating, and executing our customers' needs.  Some of our employment opportunities include:

Accountants Administrative Specialists Architects Attorneys
Chemists Budget Analysts Civil Engineers Construction Reps
Contract Specialists Cost Engineers Data Processing Specialists Ecologists
Electrical Engineers Engineer Technicians Environmental Engineers General Engineers
IT Technicians Interdisciplinary Engineers Legal Assistants Logistics Specialists
Mechanical Engineers Personal Technicians Program Analysts Program Managers
Project Managers Quality Assurance Reps Safety Officers Supervisory Gen Engineers
Training Coordinator Workforce Specialists  Public Affairs Specialists Fire Protection Engineers

Good Times!

JED is headquartered at Camp Zama, approximately 35 miles SW of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The climate is similar to that of eastern North Carolina, with warm summers and mild winters. 

Many of the comforts of home are available at Camp Zama. It has an extremely challenging 18-hole Par 72 golf course.  There are facilities for tennis, racquetball, swimming, bowling, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball and martial arts. 

Other installations contain similar facilities including commissaries, movie theaters, shopping, arts and craft centers and bowling centers.

Outside of military installations, recreation opportunities are unlimited.  Japan is an island nation with recorded history dating back to the 5th century.  The past meets the present in modern-day Japan, with its rich cultural history and ultra-modern influences in technology, entertainment and lifestyle.

While in the Land of the Rising Sun, the best approach is to have an open mind, brace oneself for wonderful surprises, and good times.

Working for JED offers excellent opportunities for travel and sightseeing.

You can travel to many places in the Indo-Pacific region, exciting locations like, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand to name a few.

Join us in Japan.  It is a great place to live and work. The multi-million dollar projects you work on every day have a long and tangible effect on the lives of the Military and their Families stationed here and also strengthening the U.S-Japan Alliance.