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Welcome to Japan!
Exciting Places, Engaging Work & Good Times!

Welcome to the Japan Engineer District (JED), the engineering and construction agency of choice in Japan! Joining the Japan Engineer District is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to support the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and their families living and working in Japan.  Join a values-based organization and multi-disciplined workforce of more than 300 skilled civilians, dedicated soldiers and highly qualified Japanese National employees who provide a wide range of engineering and construction support to U.S. Forces and governmental activities throughout Japan.

Exciting Places!

Japan Engineer District headquarters is located on Camp Zama. It is located approximately 35 miles southwest of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. It is Japan's center for political, economic, cultural, and various other activities. It is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. As the engineering and construction agency in Japan for all forces, we are located throughout Japan at various installations.

Japan offers excellent opportunities for travel and sightseeing the various islands that make up Japan.  Or it can be your point of embarkation to experience Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand.  Experience exciting places like Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, and Auckland to name a few.

Engaging Work!
Changing today to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Japan Engineer District supports service members, civilians, and family members by serving the engineering and construction needs of U.S. Forces Japan.  We provide comprehensive planning, design, and construction services to all branches of the U.S. military.  We are responsible for managing host nation funded construction that provides significant return on investment for the United States.  We provide quality construction through on-site inspection and Contracting Officer Representative authority, engineering expertise, and coordinated project management.  We are committed to ISO 9001 standards to continually improve our technical competence and capable workforce to deliver quality projects safely, on time and within budget.

Our workforce consists of Department of Army Engineer Officers, Department of Army Civilians (DAC), and Master Labor Contract (MLC) Japanese Nationals.  We are multi-talented, experienced professionals striving to provide responsive solutions by understanding, communicating, and executing our customers' needs.  Some of our employment opportunities are:

Accountants Administrative Specialists Architects Attorneys
Chemist Budget Analysts Civil Engineers Construction Reps
Contract Specialist Cost Engineers Data Proc Specialist Ecologist
Electrical Engineers Engineer Technicians Environmental Engineers General Engineers
Info Tech Specialists Interdisc Engineers Legal Assistants Logistics Specialists
Mechanical Engineers Personal Technicians Program Analysts Program Managers
Project Managers Quality Assurance Reps Safety Officer Supervisory Gen Engineers
Training Coordinator Workforce Specialists    

Our workload includes U.S. and Host Nation funded design and construction at approximately 90 sites throughout Japan and Okinawa. Some of our projects include airfield and runway projects, hospital and medical facilities renovations, operational facilities, family housing, and recreational facilities.

Good Times!

The climate is similar to that of eastern North Carolina, with warm summers and mild winters.  Virtually all of the comforts of a small community are available at Camp Zama. Japan Engineer District is a great place to have fun.  Within Camp Zama there is a challenging 18-hole golf course.  There are facilities for tennis, racquetball, swimming, bowling, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball and martial arts.  Outside Camp Zama, recreation opportunities are unlimited.  Japan is an island nation with recorded history dating back to the 5th century.  The past meets the present in modern-day Japan, with its rich cultural history and ultra-modern influences in technology, entertainment and lifestyle. As such, Japan holds different attractions for different people.  When in the Land of the Rising Sun, the best approach is to have an open mind, brace oneself for wonderful surprises, and good times.

YOKOSO! Join us in Japan.  Exciting Places, Engaging Work & Good Times!  The way you work, the way you play, the way you live! The people of Japan Engineer District never forget that the quality of our work improves the quality of your life.