Author: Charlie Maib
  • September

    Japan Engineer District brings 21st Century Schooling to Sasebo

    With the snip of a ribbon, a newly constructed and partially renovated E.J. King Middle High School was officially declared ready to teach during a ceremony here on Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo, September 21. The ceremony, attended by such luminaries as Vice Adm. Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Navy Installations Command, Rear Adm. Carl A. Lahati, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Japan / Navy Region Japan, Capt. David J. Adams, Commander, CFA Sasebo, Mr. Thomas Brady, Director, Department of Defense Education Activity, and Ms. Lois J. Rapp, DoDEA Pacific Director for Student Excellence, drew throngs of school children and teachers excited to be part of this moment in Sasebo History.
  • August

    Crawl, Walk, Run: Japan Engineer District exercise finds its legs

    Japan Engineer District's "walk, run, crawl" plan was crafted by JED’s Crisis Action Team to get JED up to speed in time to integrate this yearly exercise more fully with their higher headquarters, the Pacific Ocean Division, in 2025.
  • June

    The Cave: Bringing Pfc. John Quinn Home

    The last time anyone saw Pfc. John B. Quinn, Jr, a 29th Regiment Marine, he was headed into a cave on the island of Okinawa, some 7,600 miles away from his home in New York. The year was 1945.
  • Japan Engineer District Celebrates 50 Years of Service

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Japan Engineer District celebrated 50 years of service with a grand celebration at Camp Zama’s Community Club, June 13th.
  • May

    Recollections: My Escape from Vietnam in the Wake of War

    The theme for this year’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month celebration is “Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration.” My name is Triet Bui. I would like to share with you how a series of profound crucible experiences affected me and completely changed and shaped my outlook in life to not only be a better person, but a better leader.
  • March

    Faces of Diversity: Women's History Month

    As we come into the 35th anniversary of Women’s History Month, I can think of so many prominent and notable women that have made great contributions in America – the late Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Supreme Court Justice, Sally Ride - the first woman in space, and Michelle Obama – First Lady of the United States. These amazing women along with so many others have worked publicly to promote women’s rights, equity in employment and pay, and overall equality for all women in America. It also made me think about the women in my own life and my own history that have made a positive impact in my life – most notably, my grandmother and mother.